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classic facial $75

Skinsational Classic Facial includes a skilled aesthetician’s evaluation of your skin’s condition and address it’s most vital needs. Listen to relaxing music while your skin is thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated and treated to a gentle steaming. Any impurities are extracted and eyebrows are shaped if required. A soothing massage of the face, neck and shoulders relieves stress and soothes tense muscles. A corrective mask is applied and your day cream completes the luxurious program. Your aesthetician will advise you on further treatment facials and home care. 60 min.

Great add-ons to a classic facial:

  • Collagen Face and Neck Mask $45
  • Collagen Face Mask $40
  • Collagen Neck Mask $20
  • Collagen Eye Mask $15
  • Collagen Lip Mask $10

teen facial $70

The aesthetician cleanses your skin, adds an exfoliator and a gentle steam. Extractions are done and a corrective mask completes the treatment. Massage is avoided so the skin is not over-stimulated. The aesthetician will advise on proper home care. 60 min.

clarifying facial $75

Our acne strategy promotes the control of hyper-sebaceous glands and is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. Problematic pore debris is removed, the aesthetician executes a relaxing lymphatic drainage massage to drain toxins, and a corrective mask is applied. 60-75 min.

visible beauty $80

Fatigue, stress or passing years can contribute to loss of radiance, loss of skin elasticity and pigmentation marks. The epidermis becomes clogged with dehydrated cells and the reduction in cellular renewal makes the skin appear dull and congested. One treatment will restore a radiant complexion, while a course of 3 will reduce pigmentation, eliminating superfluous cells and allowing the skin to breathe again. Cellular renewal is accelerated, revealing a more youthful and radiant complexion. 60 min.

scentsational $80

This facial is customized with essential oils and plant extracts to make the skin more beautiful and radiant. Relax and surrender yourself to your aesthetician, who will complete your treatment with a customized mask made just for you. 60 min.

liftosome $85

Redefines and firms the features and restores skin density for instant rejuvenation. 60 min.

guinot beauty flash treatment $40

Great for facial glow. 30 min.

guinot purifying treatment $55

This includes all the features of the flash treatment, as well as extractions. 45 min.

microdermabrasion $100 

A non-surgical skin resurfacing. Beneficial for uneven skin tones, dilated pores, lines, wrinkles and much more. Skin will feel revitalized and invigorated. Visible results after one treatment, but a series is initially recommended for a more dramatic effect. Face, neck and decollete $125. Add a soothing or hydrating mask for $10. Great with a Collagen Mask. Combine Microdermabrasion and the Ultimate Indulgence Facial and receive a $30 discount.

microneedling $100 

Using the award-winning Micro Pen technology, this advanced treatment stimulates collagen production to plump and repair the skin. Ideal for clients concerned with deep wrinkles, advanced photo-aging, stretch marks and acne scars. Recommended 3-6 treatments 4-6 weeks apart.
Face: $200 each or a package of 3 for $525 Face and Neck: $300 or package of 3 for $780

radio frequency facial $150

The dual layer RF thermotherapy stimulates production of new collagen and improves skin texture. The treatments are relaxing and painless.

ultimate indulgence $85

This internationally recognized Hydrodermie facial combines the use of galvanic current which deeply penetrates scientifically designed products and high frequency current, that oxygenates the skin. The results are immediately visible and long-lasting. The skin is re-hydrated, muscle tension is relieved and the complexion is purified and refined. The skin looks rested and glowing as if you’ve just returned from a holiday. 90 min.

ultimate indulgence plus $100

The same principles apply but add steam and extractions to deep cleanse. 90 min.

ultimate lifting

The following treatments combine two strong phases for stimulation. The lifting effect: drain around the muscles from top to bottom to remove the toxins for oxygenated radiance. Distend the facial muscles that do not work to accelerate the blood flow and increase muscle tone for a filling effect. The muscles at work fill the spaces left by the muscles that have degenerated. Perfect for the mature skin with loss of elasticity or those who have recently lost weight.

the lift express $65

The skin is cleansed to prepare for treatment, drainage, stimulation, mask and day cream. 45 min.

the hydra lift $100

The skin is cleansed, stimulated, specific serums are applied to aid in minimizing lines and toning, mask, a massage and day cream. 60 min.

the deluxe hydra lift $150

All the benefits of the Ultimate Indulgence Facial, combined with the rejuvenating, lifting effects of the Hydra Lift for the ultimate in facial treatments. 1 hr 45 min.

the fountain of youth $90

Myotonology is a toning procedure used for years by celebrities. A state-of-the-art procedure using low electrical impulses to stimulate sagging muscles and penetrate pharmaceutical grade collagen and elastin. See results as early as your first visit, but a series will produce more dramatic and lasting results. 90 min.

“myo” eyes $45

If your eyes are your main concern we can do myotonology treatments on just the eye area. Or add a myo eye treatment to your regular monthly facial for maintenance. 45 min.

“myo” eyes and mouth $55

Treat both sensitive areas. 45 min.