What Our Customers Say

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“I have been a client now for 4 years. I found them online and decided to give them a go! My first experience was over the top. From being greeted with a friendly warm tone and face when you walk in the door, to leaving again with a wonderful attitude. I have come to know the staff and they have come to know me. They pay attention to detail. From remembering what I take in my tea, to what kind of facial I like best, to my favorite color of nail polish. The best part is, walking into the spa and them already knowing who you are! It’s such a great feeling, and I am only there once every 6- 8 weeks. They are so accommodating and do their very best to make sure your every visit is the best it should be. I have recommended two co-workers, my mom, my sister, and my babysitter. And they have all become regular clients now! Within the 4 years of being a client there, they have done two major renovations. Have to say I am very pleased with the choice I made. I have several services done at Skinsational.”

Michelle, age 32, Midhurst


“As a client of Skinsational for the past 22 years, I have grown to appreciate not only the professionalism of all the staff, but the personal touches exhibited by them throughout the year. From remembering my favorite nail polish to ensuring that i receive the best quality products for one who has problem skin. It is often the little things they do that I remember which stems from the example of its owner Darlene Price. I strongly recommend Skinsational as a place to relax, rejuvenate and renew not only one’s skin, but one’s spirit as well.”

Elizabeth Longo, age 48, Barrie


“When I was asked to write a comment about Skinsational, I was over the moon! I am always raving about them! When I get home from my appointments I am always going on and on about how thrilled I am with the job they have done! From the receptionist that greets you, to the aestheticians doing your services. If I could rate Skinsational on a scale from 100, I would give them a 100/100! Thank you Skinsational for pampering me!!!”

Sandra, age 46, Angus


“I love the facility of Skinsational. They are always re-decorating and keeping the space updated every couple of years. I also love the product lines that they carry. Whether it’s a facial product or a nail polish they have a great variety. Why do I choose Skinsational? Skinsational has such great staff to work with. They are all so pleasant and always make you feel comfortable.”

Jeanette Fulford, age 59, Barrie


“What I love about Skinsational is that all the services are offered under one roof. There is a separate space of the building that is specifically for manicures and pedicures which is nice to help keep the noise upfront away from the clients in the back who are trying to relax. The space is in the back is where the “quiet” zone is. I think that is great that they take the time to think about these things in their renovation process, always thinking of their clients!! When we first came to Barrie, we did not want a cheap mall spa or something located on a busy street. Easy access and tons of parking. We saw an advertisement back in the day and decided to try it, and myself and my husband have been loyal clients ever since. Relocated to Barrie in 1999 and had my first appointment in early 2000.”

The Coish’s, early 60s, Barrie


“What I like about Skinsational is that the environment is beautiful and relaxing. All the staff members are so kind and knowledgeable about the products and services they are providing to you. I trust the advice that is given to me at Skinsational. My skin has improved so much since I first started my regular appointment, years ago. I now get wonderful compliments on my complexion. I started attending Skinsational in 2007. I was referred by a friend, and it was by far the best decision I have made.”

Lauren Scratch, age 28, Barrie


“My mother and I have tried other spas in the past and found ourselves coming back to Skinsational for the superior service, clean environment and the friendly, curious and caring staff. I have been coming to Skinsational for 20+ years now and will never stray again. Over the years I have never hesitated to recommend their services and will continue to do so.”

Martha & Anne Scott, Barrie


“I started coming to Skinsational years ago. But I was much younger back then, and I was only ever treating myself. I have found over the last year years I make much more of an effort to treat myself. Why? Because Skinsational is awesome! Just going in there, and being able to relax, or if you’ve had a hard day, they are always there to listen. I am at Skinsational every 2-3 weeks now to get my manicure and pedicure done, and the odd time I will really treat myself to a facial or a massage. I like being greeted with a smile, and everyone knowing who you are. Not only are the girls there all so nice, educational, warm and inviting…they are also so FUNNY! Especially while getting a manicure/pedicure everyone is chit-chatting away, they definitely know how to make you laugh until you’re in tears! That is another thing I love about Skinsational, they are so awesome in every category and I couldn’t be happier with the spa I have chosen to treat myself. My sister and my mom are now both regular clients as well, and once every 6 months we all book in for a “pamper me package” and spend a day getting pampered together. Thank you Skinsational!”

Rachel, Sarah & Laurie Speers, ages 25, 23, 50, Barrie


“When I was asked to write a testimonial for Skinsational, I was more than happy to. I really like Skinsational and their team that have. I am always so pleased with the service I receive when I am at their spa. I like the high-quality products they use for their services. They take such pride in what they do. I really like that. The girls there are so educational about what they do, and they work hard to make your visit the very best. I also like that everything that Skinsational offers is real. Whatever they sell, they believe in. They don’t sell or offer anything that does not work. The owner there is really great. I don’t know her too well, but when I do see her, she is always so pleasant and usually talking to her clients, and again, very educational on what she is providing her client with. Skinsational is the place to be in Barrie.”

Laura Wiley, age 65, Barrie


“I am not someone who pampers myself often. But when I do, I want things to be done right! I tried other spas in the past, and I know sometimes you can’t base an opinion on just one visit. But I realized other spas did not have what Skinsational has. Skinsational has an amazing staff team. They have long-term staff, staff that have been there 20, 15, 10, 7 years. They don’t always have staff that come and go. Everyone is pretty regular. And that’s something to consider. I like walking through their front door and everyone saying, “Hey Kirsten!” That is something that makes you feel GREAT! Their product lines are also so amazing. Again, they are not always switching up different skincare lines, or their polish lines. What they have works! And they love what they sell! All around, I LOVE Skinsational. Thank you for everything that you do!”

Kirsten Gordon, age 25, Barrie